Thursday, July 24, 2008

today's lunch

That polenta I made the other day? Worth its weight in GOLD, I tell you.

Yesterday I fried some up in a bit of butter for breakfast, with a fried egg.

Today I did it again, but ate it with the greens and beans from the other night (which are, of course, even better now than they were the first time).


Phantom Scribbler said...

Besides that I have been craving new potatoes ever since that previous post, I am now thinking long and hard about giving polenta another try. I wonder if MB would find a baked version enough like cornbread to eat it. Because, lord, you KNOW we eat nothing but wheat, wheat, wheat around here.

Tall Kate said...

Hey, Phantom! The key is in the pan-frying, in butter, over pretty good heat. It gets so crispy and brown on the outside, and still soft inside. . . yum, yum.