Monday, July 21, 2008

Look, I *do* own another pan!

The thing about the summer CSA (in past years) is that I sort of missed the ritual of the farmer's market. We've been participating in Drumlin's Winter Share since 2002, but they didn't start a summer share till 2005. We debated joining, because we've always loved going to Waltham's farmer's market. It's not a huge market, and there's only one organic grower, but we like participating in the community of it. The first couple of years, the Drumlin summer share more than met our needs, and we didn't get to the market much.

But this year, I really feel that we're getting less produce from Drumlin. Honestly, it's probably because they got complaints about too many greens (how sad!), but maybe it's also that they're trying to make more $$ at the farmers markets they participate it -- and really, we used to get SO MUCH for the amount we paid, that this is probably reflecting true market prices a little more accurately.

The point is, I don't begrudge it, particularly since the silver lining is shopping regularly at the farmer's market again! I bought potatoes, blueberries, a purple cabbage, and some herbs.

The top picture shows some gorgeous red potatoes that I quartered, lightly boiled and then browned in a pan. They were fantastic -- but I can't take much credit, because they were so wonderful to begin with. Cooking with perfectly fresh produce doesn't require much fussing, (I think Deborah Madison says something like, you don't need to do much to make it good, because it's already good.) Plus, the kids tend to like things plainer, anyway.

There was an extra bunch of radishes in the share bin at Drumlin last week, so I took it (as well as the greens someone took off their beets!) -- and our salads have been heavy on the radishes ever since. The kids really like the *stuff* in the salad -- if I serve Arij salad from the bottom of the bowl, he's perfectly happy. He might eat a piece or two of lettuce, but he loves crunching on the vinaigrette-soaked carrots and radishes.

I was thinking I'd put some radishes in the coleslaw I'm planning on making later today, too.

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