Monday, July 14, 2008

fast food

Hermie was here yesterday to visit and help with kids, dishes, etc. Having her as my mother-in-law is a great gift from the universe. But I digress.

It got to be 5.30 and I hadn't thought about dinner (!)

What to do?

I chopped an onion, threw it in a pan with some salt on medium high heat. I diced up 3 yellow squash, and put those in the pan after the onions had browned. I let those brown a bit too and then added a cup of frozen corn, a tsp or so of cumin seeds, and a few shakes of Aleppo pepper. At the end I tossed in a cup or so of canned black beans and some minced scallions and cilantro (maybe a tablespoon of each?)

We ate it over quinoa with a little cheddar sprinkled on top.

The kids, of course, preferred the quinoa and black beans plain. Sigh.

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