Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Pasta Estate"

Okay, so I think of pasta with vegetables as pasta primavera, but it ain't primavera anymore (she panted in the 90 degree heat). I think "estate" is Italian for summer.

Here are a couple of pictures from the prep, and one of the salad we ate. I can look back at these in the depth of winter and be happy.
The top picture shows an onion, more fava beans, and red chard stems sauteeing, all from Drumlin. The middle pic is of the yellow squash I'd chopped, and the last one is the salad.
I am also happy because I used up the several batches worth of chard stems that I had saved, instead of just composting them. Often I just use them with the chard, and cook them a little longer first, but sometimes it's nice texture-wise to have greens without them. I cooked some last week -- a mix of beet greens and chard, and accidentally cooked them longer than I intended to, but they got silky smooth and so delicious!!
One final note: I am amused to notice just how much I use my 12 inch All-Clad skillet!

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