Sunday, July 13, 2008


I often eat eggs for breakfast, with buttered (one might even say LAVISHLY buttered) toast. This is a holdover from pregnancy when I could not seem to take in enough protein or calories, particularly early in the day. But lately things have changed. I just don't want fried eggs (over hard, with the yolks broken, but cooked gently so they're tender and not the "shoeleather" that my dad always snickers about when he's around and watching me do it) anymore.

Ahem. Where was I?

Oh yes. Ready for a change.

Hot as it was last week, I got a hankering for oatmeal. So I ate that a couple of days, with cracked flax seeds and whole milk yogurt and a drizzle of agave nectar. The kids ate some, too, with brown sugar. And leftovers usually get thrown into whatever batch of bread I have going.

Then I turned the leftovers of that pasta and mixed-vegetable "use up the CSA" dish into a frittata. Now that was yummy.

Today I poked around the fridge, feeling the need for protein but not wanting eggs, and landed on last night's lentil salad with herb vinaigrette and feta. I toasted up some of the pain de campagne I'd also made and buttered it (not too lavishly, actually), and ate that with it. Jon, who'd had a bowl of cereal, wandered by and snitched a bite.

Of course, now that I ate that for breakfast, what does that leave for lunch?


jo(e) said...

I often eat supper leftovers for breakfast since I don't like most traditional breakfast foods.

Tall Kate said...

Thanks for your comment! I cook a lot of legumes, and they make *great* breakfast fare. Plus they're supposedly easier to digest early in the day.