Saturday, July 5, 2008

inspiration from a neighbor

It was Thursday evening and I had cooked some pinto beans, and I had greens soaking, but I was feeling lousy, I'd just roused myself from a nap (I NEVER nap), and I couldn't figure out what to do for dinner.

My neighbor Maureen helped me see the possibilities.

I chopped an onion and sauteed it in oil, threw in some salt and some cumin, and then mashed in the pinto beans and some of their cooking water. Voila, refried beans.

I finished washing them and then sauteed beet greens and chard with oil, salt and garlic.

Whole Foods wheat tortillas were lurking in my fridge, as well as cheese (duh).

Quesadillas for supper, with greens and refried beans. Lovely.

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