Monday, August 11, 2008

what's cooking today: potato leek soup, roasted eggplant and crackerbread

It's been a rainy and cool stretch of summer, but the produce doesn't stop. We've eaten lots of dinners that consist of little more than chopped fresh things, lightly dressed, and lots of corn on the cob.
Today I'm really cooking again, or I risk losing a bunch of stuff! I am making a small amount of potato leek soup, top picture -- that's an action shot, bubbling away -- because I can never think of ANYTHING better to do with mature leeks than this elemental soup. Love it. We only got one, so it's a small amount of soup, but it should make nice lunches this week.
The roasted eggplants I'm going to scoop out and make into baba ganouj, to scoop up with the crackerbread I'm also making (bottom picture).
I have two cute fennel bulbs that I think I'll make into fennel salad (picture and recipe hopefully to come) and I cut up a bunch of teeny, tiny squash to saute with an onion, some cumin seeds, and some leftover corn as "calabacitas." Maybe I'll even through in some jalapeno, if I get brave.

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