Thursday, August 28, 2008

A busy week

I had to hit the ground running when we got back from vacation, and I've sort of only just surfaced for air.

The first picture shows the 3.5 lbs of cherry tomatoes I harvested from our plants after a week away. Needless to say, we made very short work of them. And now I'm back to yelling at the kids to PLEASE STOP PICKING them before they're ripe. Seriously, I don't think we've had any ripen on the vine in the last 3 days. Not only that, they EAT the underripe tomatoes. That means none for me. Augh.

Next picture is a cute little salad I made with butter lettuce from Brigham's Farm in Lincoln, some shredded cabbage, carrots, and some of those cute yellow tomatoes. I have to say, cute as the yellow tomatoes are, I find them sort of insipid. They're so low-acid and mild they have practically no tomato flavor. Next year, regular cherry tomatoes. (If I even grow them next year. Our lot is really too small to accomodate any sort of crop rotation.)

Then (and this is sort of gratuitous, because I make this like twice a week) I took a picture of my basic sandwich bread, adapted from a recipe in Peter Reinhart's Bread Baker's Apprentice. It's half whole wheat, half white flour, enriched with scalded milk and butter . . . it serves as the basis for countless grilled cheese sandwiches, french toast, cinnamon toast, and probably constitutes a good half of the calories my children ingest.

Yesterday was my Drumlin pickup and so major food prep is going to take place today. (Can you say FIVE eggplant??) Pictures will follow! (Though I must say I'm getting p!ssed about the greens situation. Seriously, folks, where is my weekly infusion of chard? Surely I should be getting tons of kale by now? This week we got two heads of lettuce and a leetle tiny bunch of tatsoi. Thassit. We are not amused. Of course, next year I'll compensate by growing my own, and then I'll be so inundated I won't know what to do with myself. I'll cope with that when the time comes.)

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