Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lots of cooking

All I've been doing lately is cook. I don't know how many pictures I can cram into one post.

Just today I froze two quarts of green beans, and threw together a coleslaw and some bread for Jon's company's potluck picnic. I took no pictures of those things.

Yesterday Aaron and Rachele came for dinner, for which I made, in no particular order, zucchini bisque (I'll write about this sometime, if for no other reason to preserve the recipe, which I misplace often and usually wind up calling up my sister AGAIN to get it), cucumber and feta salad (yes, again, what of it?), baba ganoush (ditto), carrot salad, "farmer's chop suey,"* bread, pickled beets, and apple crisp. One of these pictures shows a plate loaded with those things.

This week I also made zucchini bread (using the recipe in James Beard, which is good, though next time I think I'm going to try Rose Levy Beranbaum's from The Bread Bible.)

That might be all. Whew.

*re. "farmer's chop suey" -- well, I thought I'd made this up, years ago. I used to come home from the farmer's market and just chop things up and throw them into a bowl: tomatoes, cukes, peppers, scallions or red onions, maybe some carrot. Sometimes I'd add feta or cubed mozzarella, or some chick peas. Then I'd dress it with red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and swoon my way through the bowl. I never thought of it as anything -- just what I did in summer when the livin's good. But somewhere I saw a "recipe" for it that called it farmer's chop suey -- I thought that was too cute, so I started calling it that.


jo(e) said...

I want to be invited to your house for dinner.

Reading your blog always makes me hungry.

tammy said...

Howdy, Neighbor! That's a lot of good food! So what neck of the woods are you in?

Tall Kate said...

Thanks for your kind words. I was away on vacation and (gasp) even away from the internet.

jo(e), you're welcome anytime!

tammy, I'm in Waltham. How 'bout you?

tammy said...

I'm in Waltham, too! Guess we really are neighbors!

Tall Kate said...

Wow! I think you belong to Drumlin's CSA, too, don't you? Look for me. I'm easy to spot.