Tuesday, August 12, 2008

peach jam (and calabacitas)

Just made some peach jam, from "seconds" from Honey Pot, and I am ashamed to admit just how fast and loose I played with the recipe. For one thing, I used the lemon I meant to use in the jam yesterday, in baba ganoush (how the hell do you spell this, anyway?) and in fennel salad (which wasn't terribly spectacular, to tell the truth.) For another, I LOST the directions that accompanied the Ball brand pectin stuff. I opened the box yesterday, read the directions, and LOST them. SIGH. I shouldn't even be allowed to be a grown-up.

Anyway, the formula of the pectin I bought involved using less sugar, so I couldn't even reliably use a recipe I found online for peach jam, since I had this weird formulation. So what did I do? That's right, I winged it!!! I used 1 cup of apple juice, 3.5 cups of sugar, 1.5 tsp of powdered citric acid, and a heaping 4 cups of prepared fruit. My experimental tastings were pretty good, so hopefully I didn't wildly screw up.

The other photo is the leftover calabacitas from last night: sauteed onion, jalapeno, diced zucchini and pattypan squash, and corn. A summertime favorite.


Phantom Scribbler said...

AAAAAGHHHHH! Guilt! I have a refrigerator drawer full of peaches that I fully intended to can, and now I'm going away for a week and it ISN'T DONE.

Maybe I'll just freeze them and pretend I'm as much of a rock star as you are?

Tall Kate said...

Oh, dude, did you not see the part about my screw-ups?? Rock stars do NOT lose the instructions, use up necessary ingredients in other dishes, etc. I'll be lucky if it's edible.

By all means, freeze them. And I started an email to you today about canning. I'll go finish it now. Have a great trip!!

Magpie said...

I wing everything. Except baked goods. Well, except some baked goods. Pie, I wing it.

Tall Kate said...

Magpie, thanks for stopping by! I always thought one could NEVER wing baked goods, or the sky would fall or something . . . but I've been playing fast and loose with pancake and muffin recipes for years and, well, the sky's still there.