Tuesday, September 2, 2008

summer squash fritters

I got this recipe from my friend Rachel, and they are SERIOUSLY some kind of good. Delicately crisp on the outside, just barely custardy/creamy on the inside -- just, yum. Try them!!

(I don't want to admit how much of this recipe I actually consumed all by myself.)

I bet some finely chopped greens -- maybe spinach, or chard -- would be lovely in here, too, as well as maybe some parsley. But I wouldn't muck with them too much, because their flavor is pretty nearly perfect as is.

2 eggs beaten
2 cups of grated squash
1/4 cup flour
1T melted butter
2 chopped scallions
2 T parmesean
(chopped jalapeno if you want)

oil for frying

(I bet this would be good baked in a casserole with a light topping of breadcrumbs and more grated cheese, too.)


Phantom Scribbler said...

These sound SO GOOD. I'm totally going to try them next week and see if my professed squash haters can be lured in...

Tall Kate said...

My family tends to be suckers for anything fried up and made crispy in oil . . . but neither of the kids wanted to try them, alas. One day I hope they will!

BlueJ said...

These sound excellent. We'll be trying them soon!

Tall Kate said...


so happy to see you here. I'll be posting the hummus recipe soon. Thanks for the pics!

BlueJ said...

We finally got around to trying these, and they were really good. They got the thumbs up from big M!