Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More freezing and canning

Although I didn't take pictures, I wanted to record that I made a large batch of potato leek soup (as the broth, I used some cannellini broth I had in the freezer) and froze it in four containers. It hasn't been soup weather lately, really, but it's my favorite thing to do with a plethora of leeks.

I also froze 2 more quarts of green beans -- I think that's 6 quarts I have in there, now!

I also experimented. I had five eggplant. Two I peeled and sliced and breaded and fried and ate happily.

The other three, I baked, scooped, mashed, and froze. I'm envisioning stirring the puree into a vegetable/lentil curry, maybe, or else spreading some into a lasagne? Or even trying to make baba ganoush with it? I froze it into four small containers.

Finally, I canned 5 pints of crushed tomatoes from the farm pick-up yesterday. I estimate we got about 10 lbs of tomatoes; I think I canned around 6 lbs, or maybe a little more. I just peeled and crushed -- seeds and all.


susan said...

I just made a bunch of potato leek soup and wondered whether it would freeze OK, since it has milk in it. Can you freeze a milk-based soup?

Tall Kate said...

Thanks for dropping by, susan!

You know, I don't put the milk into mine until right before I serve it, so I actually freeze it without the milk. I'm not sure whether it would freeze okay with the milk in there, but it's probably worth a try . . .

susan said...

Hmm..that's an idea. At the moment, I'm going to just eat mine up for leftover night tomorrow--but freezing w/o milk is a good idea indeed.