Saturday, March 28, 2009

Black bean soup

Did I say, in that last post on "veggie chili," that I make soup out of the leftovers? Well, I do.

Basically I just puree the leftovers with the cooking broth from the black beans, sometimes adjusting the seasoning with a little more salt or cumin.

Garnishing with sour cream and chopped cilantro is completely optional, though delicious.

Occasionally it will wind up a little thin, texture-wise, but fear not. I got a great little trick from (where else?) a Deborah Madison cookbook to thicken this soup: whisk in a couple of tablespoons of masa harina. (That's the corn flour treated with lime that you use to make tortillas from.) It adds a really nice flavor dimension as well as the thickening.

Oh, and regarding blenders: I have a hand-held "stick" blender that I've been using less and less. I don't know if it's just gotten old, and sort of worn out, or what -- but I really think that the standard countertop blender is more effective. Only problem is, it is more of a chore to wash.

I don't have a fancy one, either. It's an Oster that cost about $30 in about 1992, bought, if memory serves, at the Montgomery Ward in Morgantown. But it is effective for pureeing soups.

A final note: there's no picture with this post because this soup may not be the most photogenic thing going. Delicious, but kinda plain.


The Fire & The Hearth said...


Black bean soup can't be beat, but your Dad and I did find a couple of alternatives. Please look at

Best regards,


Tall Kate said...

Randy, thanks for stopping by!! If by alternatives you mean raw oysters, well, I always say those are best left to those who appreciate them. Need I say more? ;-) I'm glad my dad has someone to appreciate them with.

I enjoyed checking out your site too and even seeing the pictures!

mandamum said...

Tall Kate,

Found your blog from CJ MostGladly's, and now I *know* I know you (even though I suspected it from your nickname). Here's a hello from way out west now!


Tall Kate said...


It's so fun to hear from you here. We should catch up. Hope you are well.