Thursday, November 13, 2008

Apple butter and applesauce

I've had so much fun making these and canning them in the past weeks.

I did have a little issue with the applesauce "siphoning" when I tried to can it -- somehow the seal failed and it oozed down the sides of the ostensibly sealed and processed jars. I took a little sauce out, used new lids, and reprocessed with no ill effects. Phew.

The apple butter is really wonderful -- made with cider, a little cinnamon, and some sugar -- spread on pumpkin bread, it is amazing.

I'm looking forward to giving it to friends for the holidays.


susan said...

And I see some of your applesauce separated a bit, like some of mine did (liquid on the bottom). It looks wonderful and yummy!

Tall Kate said...

You know, Susan, I meant to mention that! It was really weird -- it must have happened during the processing, because the jar that I half-filled with the leftovers and threw in the fridge did not separate. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with this problem!

susan said...

It happened with some of mine--I wondered whether it was b/c I let it process too long? I haven't opened any of those jars yet but i assume it'll all be OK once it's stirred.

Tall Kate said...

I bet that's it, Susan -- I let mine process an extra-long time after the issue I'd had with it the first time. I was worried it wasn't hot enough to start with (since I didn't re-heat the applesauce and re-fill the jars, but just put them back into the canner), so I think I doubled the processing time.