Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun with garlic scapes

I'm pretty much out of scapes (I have two more hoarded from last week to use in pesto later) but next year, I'm going to make this.


susan said...

I made this the other day, thinking that on top of focaccia (which I'd never made before, but turned out pretty well), it'd be a good dinner, along with salad. Curious Girl immediately pronounced it "too spicy," as she doesn't like the strong garlic taste. Politica and I both though it would be better as an appetizer rather than the main course. But it was tasty.

Tall Kate said...

Susan, that's funny, because when I read on your blog that you made this, I wondered if you'd found it in the NYT!

My kids also find raw garlic too strong, though I occasionally get away with putting scapes into salad dressing. I do think they're milder than mature garlic, though they do have that distinctive flavor, of course.